S* Spitfire’s


Rossini soon settled in after moving in with us


Rossini trying to fit in the napkinbasket

Hilda just moved in with us and got a new friend


Best friends - Hilda and Rossini

Rossini 4 weeks



Hilda 5 weeks


Hilda in the garden



Rossini in the garden

Rossini on his favourite place in the stairs



Awaiting the A-litter, a very pregnant Hilda

How many kittens?



Arius - So fun with hide and seek

A-litter relaxing



A-litter - so nice to lie under the lamp with mother Hilda

Arabella ”Sussie” moved to DK and got a new friend Leo


Arius and Arioso with new friend Siri

Arian ”Weasley” plays with new ”mother” Linn


Rossini is the father of S* Nosso Favoritos’

I-litter - here with mother Ellen

S* Chippewa’s litter - Rossini is the father


2nd litter on the way


Our cats



The Burmese

About us




Hilda and Rossini


Hilda takes well care of her babies

S*Corin’s Posh Pigalle and Pascali Pigalle

Rossini is the father


The litter ”Knight around the round table” helps redecorating a chair




Hilda soon adopts our little newcome Lizzie


Lizzie loves all kinds of boxes




Rossini, Hilda and Lizzie


Rossini checks out the Xmas gifts - Xmas 2010