S* Spitfire’s



S*Spitfire’s St. Kilda, lilac girl - for sale

Born 20130302 - ready to leave for a new home




Dam: IC Dulcamara Violet-Elizabeth

Sire: S*Spitfire’s Sir Tristan


All colours are possible - See pedigree here

If you are interested in a kitten from this litter- you are welcome to contact me.

When the kittens leave us they are:


1. Min. 12 weeks old

2. Cured for eventual worms and parasites

3. Vaccinated twice

4. Checked by a veterinary

5. ID-marked with a chip

6. Pedigree registered by Sverak/FIFe

7. Insured for hidden defects for 3 years

8. And last but not least filled with lots of attention and love


At delivery you will get a kitten package with a blanket, food and a book about kittens, written info about the Burmese with some good advice about having a cat, a diary with pictures from the kittens childhood and some toys from ”home”.


Our kittens are not castrated, I am not in favour of castrating such small animals for no reason. You have full freedom to choose whether it shall be for company of if you want to use the kitten for breeding.


Our first litter was an A-litter but now we have decided to name after themes instead.


Ealier litters:



Born 30/12 2008 D: IC S*Nosso Favoritos Happy Hilda S: GIC Tintomara’s Rossini

Knights around the round table

Born 1/11 2009 D: IC S*Nosso Favoritos Happy Hilda S: GIC Tintomara’s Rossini

The marine team

Born 8/12 2010 D: S*Spitfire’s Lady of the lake S: S*Trismegistus Missen


Born 13/5 2011 D IC S*Nosso Favoritos Happy Hilda S GIC Tintomara’s Rossini

English writers

Born 29th January 2012 D CH Dulcamara Violet-Elizabeth S GIC Tintomara’s Rossini


















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