S* Spitfire’s


2. litter


A very pregnant Hilda on the floor. Rossini takes well care of her and is washing her tummy.


Big brother and sister keeping warm while younger brother and sister is still on their way.


All born and in fine condition. Nice to cuddle up near mummy to keep warm and to get the first drops of milk.


1 day old.


10 days old.  Best is to sleep tight together.


12 days old - total relaxation. How cute can you be ?


24 days old - now there is full activity when awake. Still a bit unsure on the legs - but EVERYTHING has to be examined.


4 weeks old it is now time to taste real food.


After the first meeting with the hoover - that was dangerous  - hiding on top of eachother.


Fun to play and you can bite in everything.


What is hiding under there ?


The kitchentable by the radiator is a favourite spot for tired kitten.


















The kittens are helpfull with all kinds of tasks - even refurbishing an old chair.















































Sir Lancelot

Sir Tristan



Queen Guinevere  

Lady of the lake ”Molly”


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The Burmese

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