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SC Tintomara’s Rossini

born 17th July 2007

Rossini is not the bravest cat in the world, but he is certainly the kindest and cuddliest cat. When I brought him home 12th Oct. 2007, from Ilga Liljenberg, he quickly disappeared under the sofa and sat there crying for his mum. We had to lift away the sofa to get him out. He was not ready to eat until after two days, and then he was served boiled fish in the sofa, where I sat with him the whole day to get him to feel safe.

Rossini is like the bull Ferdinand (Disney). He prefers to live a quiet, comfortable life and when he is with us in the garden, he is quite satisfied just lying in a chair “smelling the flowers.”

He likes sleeping under my cover, but when I get up in the morning he walks on to Hugo’s room, to lye on Hugo’s pillow, so Hugo can cuddle with him. Should he stop, Rossini gently gives him a little bite, so he continues.

When we get home, Rossini hears the car and always sits just inside the door to greet us welcome.

His favourite place is on the stairs in the hall from where he has a good lookout so he can see everything that goes on.

Rossini’s best friend is Hilda.

Rossini has been tested GM2 negative.


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It is a big world - 6 weeks


Nearly grown up - 9 months



Smelling the flowers - 12 months


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IC S* Nosso Favoritos Hilda

born 1st January 2008

Hilda came into out lives as a small hurricane and is quite the opposite from Rossini. She came on 28th March 2008 and straight away she took command of the whole house. Rossini had some stressful days and as most boys it was a little difficult deciding how to treat this cute little girl, so it could be a little rough in the beginning. That did not scare her off and if he was to rough she attacked him. Now they are the best of friends and always sleep tight together.

Hilda’s biggest sign is that she often does not have time. She loudly protests if somebody lifts her up to cuddle if she had other plans. She always has something going on and does not wait for us to play with her, no, she collects herself the toys she needs. Especially Emma’s hair elastics are popular and she picks them up from Emma’s drawer.

Jennie and Maria Arnell, who brought up Hilda were nervous that we would not like her, as she was the most naughty of the litter, but there is not reason to worry. Hilda has won our hearts and especially did Kimmo win hers. When he gets up in the morning or sits up late in the evening it is her special moment with him and preferably she enters his morning robe, so she really can be close.

Hilda's both parents are tested GM2 negative, thus Hilda is also GM2 negative.


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Discovering the world - 5 weeks


I daddy’s knee—4 months


Hilda in the garden - 7 months

Dulcamara Violet-Elizabeth ”Lizzie”

born 24th February 2010

We have longed wished for a third cat, which should be a chocolate female, ever since Kimmo fell in love with a small chocolate miss who came to visit Rossini. After having searched for months and with very good help from a kitten co-ordinator I finally found Lizzie at Mary Moore. By the end of May I travelled to collect Lizzie and she coped excellently with the long journey. We had to fly via Germany as no flights allows pets onboard directly from England to Scandinavia and she made great success at the security check both in Heathrow and in Frankfurt.

Home by us she now has gotten a new mother in Hilda who nurses her the best possible way. It has taken a little longer to become friends with Rossini but now all 3 cats live peacefully together -when not chasing each other all over the house.

Lizzie has a lovely temper and is a very cuddly and loving cat who purrs most of the time. When she can not find us she cries with her heart coming out until somebody answers and then she comes running as she have not seen us for days. As Hilda she is quite creative in entertaining herself and knows exactly where to find the toys.

Lizzie has been tested GM2 negative.


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Lizzie 3 1/2 uge gammel


Lizzie er en meget nysgerrig kat


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