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I have always loved cats and begged my parents to get my first cat, when I was around 10 years old.  During time I have had a total of 3 domestic cats, all loved and all gone. During the weeks I work in Denmark and travel over the Oeresundsbridge each day. Otherwise I have a huge interest for design and I love visiting flee markets and giving old things a new life.

Between the two of us we have had a total of 8 cats and to have kittens is something I have wished for in many years.

The cats are true members of the family and are free to walk around in all of the house. They have a big place in my heart. The children sometimes complain that the cats are treated better than them - but they also spoil them just as much - if you can spoil a cat?


Kimmo is also a cat person and many years ago he had 2 Burmese cats on his own. Originally I come from Denmark and when we moved from Stockholm to Skåne (southern part of Sweden) to get nearer to Denmark, we also got more space and the thoughts of having cat again grew. Very much for the sake of the children as they are alone part of the days but I also believe that it is healthy for children to grow up with a pet.

Kimmo is actually allergic, but it works ok for him to have Burmese cats. We have had many discussions but when we had decided it was Kimmo who set the terms: ”Then I want a big brown Burmese male”, which became Rossini. But the fact that the big brown Burmese male did not take Kimmo to his favourite, much to Kimmos regret, is another story.


Emma, our 17 years old teenage daughter is as teenagers are most. Her room is a mess and if you cannot find one of your belongings you can be sure to find it there.

But when that is said Emma is a girl with a huge appetite for life, curious, direct, experimental and with a large amount of empathy for other people (her younger brother however mostly excluded from this empathy). From 1st class and upwards you can find Emma in Pupils council, Food council, Anti mobbing council, School paper and as junior member of the board of the local golf club, where we are members.

When we were about to get cat no. 2, a small girl, Emma wanted a blue. The rest of us preferred a brown or chocolate, but when the litter was born, there were no brown or chocolate, but a blue kitten for us - Hilda - which we are happy about today. Because just as it is with children we believe we have the cutest cats in the world. I might add that Emma and Hilda have certain similarities.


Hugo, last on the list, 14 years old, is the favourite of Rossini. Hugo can carry him around upwards, downwards, back and forth without Rossini protesting. Hugo is a cuddly, loving and calm boy and you could say that he and Rossini has certain similarities.

His brain is sharp and he could count and think logically long before he started school. 

Hugo loves his PC-games, and to build models. Many lego models in the most fantastic shapes have been made during time and for a long time he wanted to become a lego engineer when growing up. It was much for Hugo’s sake we got cats again and he loves being welcomed by cats when coming home from school. The permanent excuse for not getting out of bed in the morning is: “But there is a cat in the way!”



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